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Issue 5,  Volume 47, 1997 (Mathematica Slovaca)

489-498 A note on maximal $k$-degenerate graphs.  Filáková, Z.; Mihók, Peter; Semanišin, G.
499-510 On the order and the number of cliques in a random graph.  Olejár, Daniel; Toman, Eduard
511-516 The Galois connection between weak torsion and sub-product classes of $l$-groups.  Ton, Dao-Rong
517-526 Remarks on the $(R)$-density of sets of numbers. II.  Bukor, Jozef; Erdös, Pál; Šalát, Tibor; Tóth, János T.
527-537 On the existence of monotone solutions to a certain class of $n$-th order nonlinear differential equations.  Palumbíny, Oleg
539-551 Asymptotic behaviour and oscillation of solutions of neutral delay difference equations of arbitrary order.  Thandapani, Ethiraju; Sundaram, P.; Graef, John R.; Spikes, Paul W.
553-562 Existence results for second order Volterra integrodifferential equations with deviating arguments.  Li, Longtu; Qian, Xiangzheng; Wang, Zhicheng
563-574 Some problems of classification of points in the Desarguesian Hjelmslev plane.  Jurga, Rastislav
575-586 Equivariant cohomology with local coefficients.  Golasiński, Marek
587,588-590 Requiem for Ivan Dobrakov.  Haluška, Ján
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