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Issue 2,  Volume 51, 2001 (Mathematica Slovaca)

129-140 Face size and the maximum genus of a graph. II: Nonsimple graphs.  Huang, Yuanqiu; Liu, Yanpei
141-150 On bicritical snarks.  Steffen, Eckhard
151-166 On chains in $MV$-algebras.  Jakubík, Ján
167-173 On fuzzy topological $d$-algebras.  Jun, Young Bae; Kim, Hee Sik
175-178 An elementary proof of the Davenport-Hasse relation.  Jakubec, Stanislav
179-183 Bounds for the spectral radius of nonnegative matrices.  Bo, Zhou
185-204 A Perron-type integral of order $2$ for Riesz spaces.  Boccuto, Antonio
205-213 Oscillation of solutions for nonlinear second order neutral equations with deviating arguments.  Peiguang, Wang; Yu, Yuan Hong
215-228 On the continuity of strongly nonlinear potential.  Aïssaoui, Noureddine
229-230 Remark on an operator inequality.  Kucerovsky, Dan
231-239 On singular solutions of third order differential equations.  Bartušek, Miroslav
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