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Issue 5,  Volume 54, 2004 (Mathematica Slovaca)

433-442 Sophie Germain little suns.  Křížek, Michal; Somer, Lawrence
443-451 On superpseudoprimes.  Somer, Lawrence
453-464 On some properties of dispersion of block sequences of positive integers.  Tóth, János T.; Mišík, Ladislav; Filip, Ferdinand
465-471 Parametrized solutions of Diophantine equations.  Lettl, Günter
473-477 Natural homomorphisms of Witt rings of orders in algebraic number fields.  Ciemała, Marzena
479-486 Simultaneous approximation of zero by values of integral polynomials with respect to different valuations.  Kovalevskaya, Ella
487-502 Lower bounds for the discrepancy of some sequences.  Goto, Kazuo; Ohkubo, Yukio
503-526 Arithmetic of block monoids.  Schmid, Wolfgang A.
527-533 Computational proof of some theorems on class numbers.  Jakubec, Stanislav
535-574 The non-normal quartic CM-fields and the dihedral octic CM-fields with ideal class groups of exponent $\le 2$.  Louboutin, Stéphane; Yang, Hee-Sun; Kwon, Soun-Hi
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