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Issue 5,  Volume 55, 2005 (Mathematica Slovaca)

495-502 On infinitely distributive ordered sets.  Niederle, Josef
503-514 Dynamical stability of the typical continuous function.  Steele, Timothy H.
515-527 On convergence for the $GR_k^{\ast }$-integral.  Pal, Supriya; Ganguly, Dilip Kumar; Yee, Lee Peng
529-554 A topological structure of solution sets to evolution systems.  Ďurikovič, Vladimír; Ďurikovičová, Monika
555-561 A few remarks on almost $C$-polynomial functions.  Kominek, Zygfryd
563-572 $L^p$-approximation of generalized biaxially symmetric potentials over Carathéodory domains.  Kasana, Harvir S.; Kumar, Devendra
573-577 Distribution of irregular pairs.  Uher, Zbyněk
579-596 Underparametrization in a regression model with constraints II.  Kubáček, Lubomír
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