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Issue 6,  Volume 45, 2009 (Kybernetika)

885-900 On metric divergences of probability measures.  Vajda, Igor
901-911 Joint Range of Rényi entropies.  Harremoës, Peter
912-930 Spatio-temporal modelling of a Cox point process sampled by a curve, filtering and Inference.  Frcalová, Blažena; Beneš, Viktor
931-945 On estimation of intrinsic volume densities of stationary random closed sets via parallel sets in the plane.  Mrkvička, Tomáš; Rataj, Jan
946-959 A class of tests for exponentiality based on a continuum of moment conditions.  Meintanis, Simos G.
960-971 Goodness-of-fit tests for parametric regression models based on empirical characteristic functions.  Hušková, Marie; Meintanis, Simon G.
972-991 Semiparametric estimation of the parameters of multivariate copulas.  Liebscher, Eckhard
992-1002 Constructing copulas by means of pairs of order statistics.  Dolati, Ali; Úbeda-Flores, Manuel
1003-1011 Componentwise concave copulas and their asymmetry.  Durante, Fabrizio; Papini, Pier Luigi
1012-1029 Orbital semilinear copulas.  Jwaid, Tarad; Baets, Bernard de; Meyer, Hans de
1030-1039 Congruences and ideals in lattice effect algebras as basic algebras.  Pulmannová, Silvia; Vinceková, Elena
1040-1051 Atomicity of lattice effect algebras and their sub-lattice effect algebras.  Paseka, Jan; Riečanová, Zdenka
1052-1058 Convergent regular measures on MV–algebras.  Barbieri, Giuseppina
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