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Issue 3,  Volume 51, 2010 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

389-395 On Jordan ideals and derivations in rings with involution.  Oukhtite, Lahcen
397-415 Approximation and shape preserving properties of the nonlinear Bleimann-Butzer-Hahn operators of max-product kind.  Bede, Barnabás; Coroianu, Lucian; Gal, Sorin G.
417-426 Uniform non-squareness and property $(\beta )$ of Besicovitch-Orlicz spaces of almost periodic functions with Orlicz norm.  Boulahia, Fatiha; Morsli, Mohamed
427-430 A note on Lipschitz isomorphisms in Hilbert spaces.  Ives, Dean
431-439 Ridgelet transform on tempered distributions.  Roopkumar, R.
441-451 Growth orders of Cesàro and Abel means of uniformly continuous operator semi-groups and cosine functions.  Sato, Ryotaro
453-458 A note on propagation of singularities of semiconcave functions of two variables.  Zajíček, Luděk
459-467 Metric spaces with point character equal to their size.  Avart, C.; Komjath, P.; Rödl, V.
469-480 Neochromatica.  Cheilaris, Panagiotis; Specker, Ernst; Zachos, Stathis
481-487 Integrability for solutions to quasilinear elliptic systems.  Leonetti, Francesco; Petricca, Pier Vincenzo
489-501 Approximate solutions for integrodifferential equations of the neutral type.  Pachpatte, B. G.
503-512 The distribution of the number of nodes in the relative interior of the typical I-segment in homogeneous planar anisotropic STIT Tessellations.  Thäle, Christoph
513-517 On the existence of a $\sigma $-closed dense subset.  Zapletal, Jindřich
519-540 Martin's Axiom and $\omega$-resolvability of Baire spaces.  Casarrubias-Segura, Fidel; Hernández-Hernández, Fernando; Tamariz-Mascarúa, Ángel
541-549 Functor of extension of $\Lambda$-isometric maps between central subsets of the unbounded Urysohn universal space.  Niemiec, Piotr
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