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Boolean algebra; regular matrix; $(U,V)$-operator
The set of all $m\times n$ Boolean matrices is denoted by ${\mathbb M}_{m,n}$. We call a matrix $A\in {\mathbb M}_{m,n}$ regular if there is a matrix $G\in {\mathbb M}_{n,m}$ such that $AGA=A$. In this paper, we study the problem of characterizing linear operators on ${\mathbb M}_{m,n}$ that strongly preserve regular matrices. Consequently, we obtain that if $\min \{m,n\}\le 2$, then all operators on ${\mathbb M}_{m,n}$ strongly preserve regular matrices, and if $\min \{m,n\}\ge 3$, then an operator $T$ on ${\mathbb M}_{m,n}$ strongly preserves regular matrices if and only if there are invertible matrices $U$ and $V$ such that $T(X)=UXV$ for all $X\in {\mathbb M}_{m,n}$, or $m=n$ and $T(X)=UX^TV$ for all $X\in {\mathbb M}_{n}$.
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