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Issue 1,  Volume 61, 2011 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

1-1 Editorial.  
3-6 A short direct characterization of GS-quasigroups.  Kolar-Begović, Zdenka
7-26 Boundedness and compactness of the embedding between spaces with multiweighted derivatives when $1 \leq q < p <\infty $.  Abdikalikova, Zamira; Oinarov, Ryskul; Persson, Lars-Erik
27-40 A strong invariance principle for negatively associated random fields.  Cai, Guang-hui
41-63 Transferral of entailment in duality theory: dualisability.  Gouveia, Maria Joao; Haviar, Miroslav
65-72 Weakly coercive mappings sharing a value.  Soriano, J. M.
73-83 On the number of limit cycles of a generalized Abel equation.  Alkoumi, Naeem; Torres, Pedro J.
85-95 A simple regularization method for the ill-posed evolution equation.  Tuan, Nguyen Huy; Trong, Dang Duc
97-111 Some notes on embedding for anisotropic Sobolev spaces.  Li, Hongliang; Sun, Quinxiu
113-125 Linear maps that strongly preserve regular matrices over the Boolean algebra.  Kang, Kyung-Tae; Song, Seok-Zun
127-144 Multiple positive solutions to multipoint one-dimensional $p$-Laplacian boundary value problem with impulsive effects.  Tian, Yuansheng; Chen, Anping; Ge, Weigao
145-155 Extreme points of subordination and weak subordination families of harmonic mappings.  Qiao, Jinjing; Wang, Xiantao
157-168 On symmetrization of jets.  Mikulski, W. M.
169-198 Liouville theorems, a priori estimates, and blow-up rates for solutions of indefinite superlinear parabolic problems.  Földes, Juraj
199-207 A note on the convolution theorem for the Fourier transform.  Kahane, Charles S.
209-212 On an inclusion between operator ideals.  Fugarolas, Manuel A.
213-224 Properties of differences of meromorphic functions.  Chen, Zong-Xuan; Shon, Kwang Ho
225-245 Nonlocal Cauchy problems and their controllability for semilinear differential inclusions with lower Scorza-Dragoni nonlinearities.  Cardinali, Tiziana; Portigiani, Francesco; Rubbioni, Paola
247-269 Properties of distance functions on convex surfaces and applications.  Rataj, Jan; Zajíček, Luděk
271-287 The Fourier integral operators on Hardy spaces associated with Herz spaces.  Liu, Lixia; Ma, Bolin; Liu, Sanyang
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