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Title: Construction of a controller with a generalized linear immersion (English)
Author: Diaz-Vargas, Javier
Author: Tuyub-Puc, Dennis
Author: Villanueva-Novelo, Celia
Language: English
Journal: Kybernetika
ISSN: 0023-5954
Volume: 47
Issue: 5
Year: 2011
Pages: 790-811
Summary lang: English
Category: math
Summary: Gröbner bases for modules are used to calculate a generalized linear immersion for a plant whose solutions to its regulation equations are polynomials or pseudo-polynomials. After calculating the generalized linear immersion, we build the controller which gives the robust regulation. (English)
Keyword: output regulation
Keyword: robust
Keyword: nonlinear
Keyword: generalized linear immersion
Keyword: Gröbner basis
Keyword: module
Keyword: Noetherian
Keyword: monomial ordering
Keyword: normal form
Keyword: syzygy
MSC: 13E05
MSC: 13P10
MSC: 93C10
MSC: 93D15
idZBL: Zbl 1236.93044
idMR: MR2850466
Date available: 2011-11-10T15:45:54Z
Last updated: 2013-09-22
Stable URL:
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