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Issue 1,  Volume 14, 1973 (Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Mathematica et Physica)

[2] Contents.  
[2a] Annorum a Fundatione DCXXV Feliciter Peractorum Memor Universitas Carolina Pragensis A. MCMLXXIII Edidit.  
3-4 International seminar on excitation energy transfer in condensed matter.  Vacek, K.; Fiala, J.
5-21 Interaction of triplet excitons with neutral and charged electron excitations in organic crystals.  Trlifaj, M.
23-47 The coupled coherent and incoherent exciton motion and its influence on optical absorption, electron spin resonance and nuclear spin resonance.  Haken, H.; Reineker, P.
49-72 Optical properties of highly excited crystals.  Levy, R.; Grun, J. B.
73-88 Exzitonen - Wechselwirkungsprozesse in II-VI-Verbindungen.  Voigt, J.
89-93 Influence of exciton-exciton interaction on the edge emission in $CdSe$ single crystals.  Chudáček, I.; Vaitkus, J.; Baltramejunas, R.; Njunka, V.
95-103 Photoinduced optical absorption and conductivity in in-doped $CdF_2$ crystals.  Kunze, I.; Ulrici, W.
105-116 Low-frequency vibrational spectra of some crystals containing intermolecular hydrgen bonds.  Colombo, L.; Furič, K.; Kirin, D.; Bleckmann, P.; Schrader, B.; Meier, W.
117-121 A contribution to the interpretation of impedace dispersion curves of powder luminescent materials.  Kubátová, J.
123-128 Contribution to the fluorescence of chlorophyll a.  Vavřinec, E.; Vacek, K.; Kaplanová, M.; Kalousek, I.; Černá, V.
129-141 Physical model of photoreactivation.  Balgavý, P.
143-154 Condensation of excitons in highly excited semiconductors.  Pelant, I.
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