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Issue 1,  Volume 30, 1989 (Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Mathematica et Physica)

[1] Contents.  
3-11 Quasigroups having at most three inner mappings.  Kepka, T.
13-21 Max-separable equations and the set covering.  Jajou, Amer F.; Zimmermann, Karel
23-27 Splitting left distributive semigroups.  Zejnullahu, A.
29-32 Free left distributive semigroups.  Zejnullahu, A.
33-36 Finitely generated left distributive semigoups.  Kepka, T.; Zejnullahu, A.
37-43 On geodesic motion around magnetized black holes.  Karas, V.; Šolc, M.; Wolf, M.
45-54 Derivation of explicit dispersion relation for gyrotropic waveguide.  Matyáš, M.; Čápek, V.
55-89 Semimicroscopical description of the collective states in rotating nuclei - II.  Kvasil, Jan; Nazmitdinov, R. G.
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