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Issue 1,  Volume 32, 1991 (Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Mathematica et Physica)

[1]-[2] Contents.  
3 [Proceedings of the 5th international symposium on plasticity of metals and alloys].  
5 [Foreword].  
7-8 [List of the articles which will be published in materials science and engineering A].  
9-15 Structure change in a single-phase superplastic $Zn-Cd$ alloy.  Málek, P.; Vostrý, P.; Čepová, M.; Drábová, O.; Stulíková, I.; Šittner, P.
17-23 Experimental evaluation of the strain rate sensitivity parameter for superplastic materials.  Chinh, N. Q.; Juhász, A.; Tasnádi, P.; Kovács, I.
25-30 Grain boundaries of primary crystallization.  Yorokhov, N. A.; Teplitsky, D. A.; Titovets, Yu. F.; Archak, E. L.
31-39 TEM obervation of dislocation behavior near grain boundaries in deformed Fe-2wt.%Si bicrystals.  Šittner, P.; China, P. R.
41-46 Statistical aspects of ductile fracture propagation and the conditions of the conversion ductile into cleavage fracture.  Strnadel, B.; Mazancová, E.; Mazanec, K.
47-51 The contribution of dipole mechanisms to the flow stress and work hardening.  Appel, F.; Messerschmidt, U.
53-60 Slip processes in non-uniformly distributed dislocation structures.  Dlouhý, A.
61-67 Acoustic emission from Al-3%Mg alloy deformed at room temperature.  Chmelík, F.; Trojanová, Z.; Převorovský, Z.; Lukáč, P.; Pink, E.
69-75 Dynamic strain ageing in alpha titanium.  Trojanová, Z.; Lukáč, P.; Hamerský, M.
77-88 Criteria of instability and kinetics of jumps under unstable low temperature plastic flow.  Dolgin, A. M.; Natsik, V. D.
89-94 Stability of dislocation structure during plastic deformation of B.C.C. metals.  Novák, V.; Šittner, P.
95-101 Desctiption of stress-strain curves on high temperture deformed steels.  Kliber, J.; Schindler, I.
103-111 High temperature mechanical properties of high purity $Al$ and dilute $Al-Si$ alloys.  Chinh, N. Q.; Juhász, A.; Tasnádi, P.; Kovács, I.
113-117 Positron studies of precipitation phenomena in rapidly solidifield $Al$ alloys.  Dlubek, G.; Pawelzyk, K.; Heyroth, W.
119-124 Precipitation effects in $Cu-Ni-Sn$ and $Cu-Ti$ alloys.  Drábová, O.; Vostrý, P.; Pešek, F.; Smola, B.
125-137 Critical strain amplitudes, elasticity modulus defect and fatigue life.  Puškár, A.
139-144 Temperature dependence of the effective and internal stresses at the initial stages of plastic deformation of the LiF single crystals. macrodeformation and dislocation mobility data.  Fomenko, L. S.; Kaufmann, H.-J.; Lubenets, S. V.; Ostapchuk, E. I.
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