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Issue 2,  Volume 53, 2012 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

159-177 Enumeration of nilpotent loops up to isotopy.  Clavier, Lucien
179-187 $G$-nilpotent units of commutative group rings.  Danchev, Peter
189-210 Distinct equilateral triangle dissections of convex regions.  Donovan, Diane M.; Lefevre, James G.; McCourt, Thomas A.; Cavenagh, Nicholas J.
211-220 Nonmonotone nonconvolution functions of positive type and applications.  Bárta, Tomáš
221-236 On the exterior problem in 2D for stationary flows of fluids with shear dependent viscosity.  Bildhauer, M.; Fuchs, M.
237-251 Duality properties and Riesz representation theorem in Besicovitch-Musielak-Orlicz space of almost periodic functions.  Daoui, A.; Morsli, M.; Smaali, M.
253-267 r-Realcompact spaces.  Bhattacharya, D.; Dey, Lipika
269-279 On extension of functors.  Karchevska, L.; Radul, T.
281-306 A very general covering property.  Lipparini, Paolo
307-318 Metrization of function spaces with the Fell topology.  Yang, Hanbiao
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