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Issue 1,  Volume 20, 2012 (Communications in Mathematics)

1-2 Editorial.  Palese, Marcella
3-11 Do Barbero-Immirzi connections exist in different dimensions and signatures?.  Fatibene, L.; Francaviglia, M.; Garruto, S.
13-22 Locally variational invariant field equations and global currents: Chern-Simons theories.  Francaviglia, M.; Palese, M.; Winterroth, E.
23-32 Symmetries of a dynamical system represented by singular Lagrangians.  Havelková, Monika
33-40 Witt algebra and the curvature of the Heisenberg group.  Muzsnay, Zoltán; Nagy, Péter T.
41-62 On the inverse variational problem in nonholonomic mechanics.  Rossi, Olga; Musilová, Jana
63-68 Projective metrizability in Finsler geometry.  Saunders, David
69-69 Conference announcements.  
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