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Issue 3,  Volume 54, 2013 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

313-328 Near-homogeneous spherical Latin bitrades.  Cavenagh, Nicholas J.
329-337 On McCoy condition and semicommutative rings.  Louzari, Mohamed
339-344 On $(4,1)^*$-choosability of toroidal graphs without chordal 7-cycles and adjacent 4-cycles.  Zhang, Haihui
345-365 Images of some functions and functional spaces under the Dunkl-Hermite semigroup.  Ben Salem, Néjib; Nefzi, Walid
367-375 M-weak and L-weak compactness of b-weakly compact operators.  H'Michane, J.; El Kaddouri, A.; Bouras, K.; Moussa, M.
377-396 On $\alpha$-embedded sets and extension of mappings.  Karlova, Olena
397-406 Continua with unique symmetric product.  Anaya, José G.; Castañeda-Alvarado, Enrique; Illanes, Alejandro
407-428 Some remarks on distributive semilattices.  Celani, Sergio; Calomino, Ismael
429-435 Extending the ideal of nowhere dense subsets of rationals to a P-ideal.  Filipów, Rafał; Mrożek, Nikodem; Recław, Ireneusz; Szuca, Piotr
437-445 A note on the intersection ideal $\mathcal M\cap \mathcal N$.  Weiss, Tomasz
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