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Issue 3,  Volume 49, 2013 (Kybernetika)

391-394 Special Issue Dedicated to Milan Bareš.  
395-403 One-point solutions obtained from best approximation problems for cooperative games.  Tanino, Tetsuzo
404-419 Simple games in Łukasiewicz calculus and their cores.  Cintula, Petr; Kroupa, Tomáš
420-432 A short note on multivariate dependence modeling.  Bína, Vladislav; Jiroušek, Radim
433-445 Information in vague data sources.  Mareš, Milan; Mesiar, Radko
446-464 Tilt stability in nonlinear programming under Mangasarian-Fromovitz constraint qualification.  Mordukhovich, Boris S.; Outrata, Jiří V.
465-486 Measuring consistency and inconsistency of pair comparison systems.  Ramík, Jaroslav; Vlach, Milan
487-497 Modelling financial time series using reflections of copulas.  Komorník, Jozef; Komorníková, Magda
498-505 Fair majorities in proportional voting.  Turnovec, František
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