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Issue 3,  Volume 138, 2013 (Mathematica Bohemica)

225-243 Uniform convergence of double trigonometric series.  Kórus, Péter
245-258 Stability in linear neutral difference equations with variable delays.  Ardjouni, Abdelouaheb; Djoudi, Ahcene
259-287 $\mathcal Z$-distributive function lattices.  Erné, Marcel
289-297 On the class of order Dunford-Pettis operators.  Bouras, Khalid; El Kaddouri, Abdelmonaim; H'michane, Jawad; Moussa, Mohammed
299-324 The Cauchy problem for the homogeneous time-dependent Oseen system in $ \mathbb {R}^3 $: spatial decay of the velocity.  Deuring, Paul
325-335 0-distributive posets.  Mokbel, Khalid A.; Kharat, Vilas S.
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