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Issue 6,  Volume 49, 2013 (Kybernetika)

829-854 Numerical analysis of a semi-implicit DDFV scheme for the regularized curvature driven level set equation in 2D.  Handlovičová, Angela; Kotorová, Dana
855-867 On the queue-size distribution in the multi-server system with bounded capacity and packet dropping.  Tikhonenko, Oleg; Kempa, Wojciech M.
868-882 Universally typical sets for ergodic sources of multidimensional data.  Krüger, Tyll; Montúfar, Guido; Seiler, Ruedi; Siegmund-Schultze, Rainer
883-896 New complexity analysis of a full Nesterov- Todd step infeasible interior-point algorithm for symmetric optimization.  Kheirfam, Behrouz; Mahdavi-Amiri, Nezam
897-910 On tropical Kleene star matrices and alcoved polytopes.  Puente, María Jesús de la
911-934 A sample-time adjusted feedback for robust bounded output stabilization.  Ordaz, Patricio; Alazki, Hussain; Poznyak, Alexander
935-947 Degenerate Hopf bifurcations and the formation mechanism of chaos in the Qi 3-D four-wing chaotic system.  Liang, Hongtao; Tang, Yanxia; Li, Li; Wei, Zhouchao; Wang, Zhen
948-961 Left and right semi-uninorms on a complete lattice.  Su, Yong; Wang, Zhudeng; Tang, Keming
962-982 Fuzzy empirical distribution function: Properties and application.  Hesamian, Gholamreza; Taheri, S. M.
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