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eigenvalue problem; nonconforming finite element method; conforming finite element method; postprocessing; lower bound
This article presents an idea in the finite element methods (FEMs) for obtaining two-sided bounds of exact eigenvalues. This approach is based on the combination of nonconforming methods giving lower bounds of the eigenvalues and a postprocessing technique using conforming finite elements. Our results hold for the second and fourth-order problems defined on two-dimensional domains. First, we list analytic and experimental results concerning triangular and rectangular nonconforming elements which give at least asymptotically lower bounds of the exact eigenvalues. We present some new numerical experiments for the plate bending problem on a rectangular domain. The main result is that if we know an estimate from below by nonconforming FEM, then by using a postprocessing procedure we can obtain two-sided bounds of the first (essential) eigenvalue. For the other eigenvalues $\lambda _l$, $l = 2,3,\ldots $, we prove and give conditions when this method is applicable. Finally, the numerical results presented and discussed in the paper illustrate the efficiency of our method.
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