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Issue 4,  Volume 55, 2014 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

421-445 Operads of decorated trees and their duals.  Gubarev, Vsevolod Yu.; Kolesnikov, Pavel S.
447-456 Odd order semidirect extensions of commutative automorphic loops.  Jedlička, Přemysl
457-470 The upper triangular algebra loop of degree $4$.  Johnson, K. W.; Munywoki, M.; Smith, Jonathan D. H.
471-484 Some regular quasivarieties of commutative binary modes.  Matczak, K.; Romanowska, A. B.
485-491 On centerless commutative automorphic loops.  Nagy, Gábor P.
493-498 The Cayley graph and the growth of Steiner loops.  Plaumann, P.; Sabinina, L.; Stuhl, I.
499-507 Some properties of Eulerian lattices.  Subbarayan, R.; Vethamanickam, A.
509-521 Nonconvex Lipschitz function in plane which is locally convex outside a discontinuum.  Pokorný, Dušan
523-536 Mapping theorems on countable tightness and a question of F. Siwiec.  Lin, Shou; Zhang, Jinhuang
537-566 Partitioning bases of topological spaces.  Soukup, Dániel T.; Soukup, Lajos
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