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classical linear connection; natural operator
We prove that the problem of finding all ${\mathcal {M} f_m}$-natural operators ${C\colon Q\rightsquigarrow QT^{r*}}$ lifting classical linear connections $\nabla $ on $m$-manifolds $M$ into classical linear connections $C_M(\nabla )$ on the $r$-th order cotangent bundle $T^{r*}M=J^r(M,\mathbb R )_0$ of $M$ can be reduced to the well known one of describing all $\mathcal {M} f_m$-natural operators $D\colon Q\rightsquigarrow \bigotimes ^pT\otimes \bigotimes ^qT^*$ sending classical linear connections $\nabla $ on $m$-manifolds $M$ into tensor fields $D_M(\nabla )$ of type $(p,q)$ on $M$.
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