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Issue 2,  Volume 64, 2014 (Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal)

289-304 $(n,d)$-injective covers, $n$-coherent rings, and $(n,d)$-rings.  Li, Weiqing; Ouyang, Baiyu
305-310 On geometric convergence of discrete groups.  Yang, Shihai
311-325 On the signless Laplacian spectral characterization of the line graphs of $T$-shape trees.  Wang, Guoping; Guo, Guangquan; Min, Li
327-333 Some results on the local cohomology of minimax modules.  Abbasi, Ahmad; Roshan-Shekalgourabi, Hajar; Hassanzadeh-Lelekaami, Dawood
335-350 The group of commutativity preserving maps on strictly upper triangular matrices.  Wang, Dengyin; Zhu, Min; Rou, Jianling
351-363 Pointwise inequalities of logarithmic type in Hardy-Hölder spaces.  Chaabane, Slim; Feki, Imed
365-385 Commutators of sublinear operators generated by Calderón-Zygmund operator on generalized weighted Morrey spaces.  Guliyev, Vagif Sabir; Karaman, Turhan; Mustafayev, Rza Chingiz; Şerbetçi, Ayhan
387-418 The weak McShane integral.  Saadoune, Mohammed; Sayyad, Redouane
419-431 Classifying bicrossed products of two Sweedler's Hopf algebras.  Bontea, Costel-Gabriel
433-446 Join of two graphs admits a nowhere-zero $3$-flow.  Akbari, Saieed; Aliakbarpour, Maryam; Ghanbari, Naryam; Nategh, Emisa; Shahmohamad, Hossein
447-458 On the $abc$-problem in Weyl-Heisenberg frames.  He, Xinggang; Li, Haixiong
459-464 A characterization of the linear groups $L_{2}(p)$.  Khalili Asboei, Alireza; Iranmanesh, Ali
465-475 Calculating all elements of minimal index in the infinite parametric family of simplest quartic fields.  Gaál, István; Petrányi, Gábor
477-494 Idempotent completion of pretriangulated categories.  Liu, Jichun; Sun, Longgang
495-508 Nonsymmetric solutions of a nonlinear boundary value problem.  Peres, Sámuel
509-518 The natural operators lifting connections to higher order cotangent bundles.  Mikulski, Włodzimierz M.
519-537 A convergence on Boolean algebras generalizing the convergence on the Aleksandrov cube.  Kurilić, Miloš S.; Pavlović, Aleksandar
539-566 Modulation space estimates for Schrödinger type equations with time-dependent potentials.  Wei, Wei
567-579 G-dimension over local homomorphisms with respect to a semi-dualizing complex.  Dejun, Wu
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