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Issue 3,  Volume 60, 2015 (Applications of Mathematics)

219-250 Model analysis of BPX preconditioner based on smoothed aggregation.  Fraňková, Pavla; Mandel, Jan; Vaněk, Petr
251-263 Complete convergence theorems for normed row sums from an array of rowwise pairwise negative quadrant dependent random variables with application to the dependent bootstrap.  Rosalsky, Andrew; Wu, Yongfeng
265-283 2-dimensional primal domain decomposition theory in detail.  Lukáš, Dalibor; Bouchala, Jiří; Vodstrčil, Petr; Malý, Lukáš
285-298 On a high-order iterative scheme for a nonlinear Love equation.  Ngoc, Le Thi Phuong; Duy, Nguyen Tuan; Long, Nguyen Thanh
299-320 The Sturm-Liouville Friedrichs extension.  Yao, Siqin; Sun, Jiong; Zettl, Anton
321-340 Existence and controllability for nondensely defined partial neutral functional differential inclusions.  Ezzinbi, Khalil; Lalaoui Rhali, Soumia
341-341 Book Reviews.  
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