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Issue 2,  Volume 51, 2015 (Kybernetika)

193-211 Generalized madogram and pairwise dependence of maxima over two regions of a random field.  Fonseca, Cecília; Pereira, Luísa; Ferreira, Helena; Martins, Ana Paula
212-230 Characterizations of Archimedean $n$-copulas.  Wysocki, Włodzimierz
231-245 A local approach to $g$-entropy.  Rahimi, Mehdi
246-254 Why $\lambda $-additive (fuzzy) measures?.  Chiţescu, Ion
255-267 Quotient algebraic structures on the set of fuzzy numbers.  Fechete, Dorina; Fechete, Ioan
268-275 Additive hazards regression with case-cohort sampled current status data.  Chen, Wei; Ren, Fengling; Tang, Guosheng
276-292 Another set of verifiable conditions for average Markov decision processes with Borel spaces.  Zou, Xiaolong; Guo, Xianping
293-308 On the quadratic fractional optimization with a strictly convex quadratic constraint.  Salahi, Maziar; Fallahi, Saeed
309-320 Robust neural network control of robotic manipulators via switching strategy.  Yu, Lei; Fei, Shumin; Huang, Jun; Li, Yongmin; Yang, Gang; Sun, Lining
321-334 Algebraic integrability for minimum energy curves.  Yudin, Ivan; Silva Leite, Fátima
335-346 Output consensus of nonlinear multi-agent systems with unknown control directions.  Tang, Yutao
347-373 Generalized synchronization in a system of several non-autonomous oscillators coupled by a medium.  Martins, Rogério; Morais, Gonçalo
374-386 On best approximation in fuzzy metric spaces.  Abbasi, Naser; Mottaghi Golshan, Hamid
387-388 Erratum: Equivalence of compositional expressions and independence relations in compositional models.  Malvestuto, Francesco M.
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