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Issue 1,  Volume 61, 2016 (Applications of Mathematics)

1-25 A variational approach to bifurcation points of a reaction-diffusion system with obstacles and Neumann boundary conditions.  Eisner, Jan; Kučera, Milan; Väth, Martin
27-45 A new mixed finite element method based on the Crank-Nicolson scheme for Burgers' equation.  Hu, Xiaohui; Huang, Pengzhan; Feng, Xinlong
47-59 Aligned rank tests in measurement error model.  Navrátil, Radim; Saleh, A. K. Md. Ehsanes
61-77 On European option pricing under partial information.  Wu, Meng; Lu, Jue; Huang, Nan-jing
79-102 Response of a class of mechanical oscillators described by a novel system of differential-algebraic equations.  Málek, Josef; Rajagopal, Kumbakonam R.; Suková, Petra
103-120 Copula-based grouped risk aggregation under mixed operation.  Zhou, Quan; Chen, Zhenlong; Ming, Ruixing
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