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Issue 4,  Volume 58, 2017 (Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae)

401-417 Symmetric linear operator identities in quasigroups.  Akhtar, Reza
419-434 Linear extenders and the Axiom of Choice.  Morillon, Marianne
435-442 Characterization of functions whose forward differences are exponential polynomials.  Almira, J. M.
443-459 Sufficient conditions for the solvability of some third order functional boundary value problems on the half-line.  Carrasco, Hugo; Minhós, Feliz
461-464 Radon-Nikodym property.  Khurana, Surjit Singh
465-479 On the Infinite Loch Ness monster.  Arredondo, John A.; Ramírez Maluendas, Camilo
481-500 Some constructions of biharmonic maps on the warped product manifolds.  Bennouar, Abdelmadjid; Ouakkas, Seddik
501-518 Variations of uniform completeness related to realcompactness.  Hušek, Miroslav
519-529 Resolvability in c.c.c. generic extensions.  Soukup, Lajos; Stanley, Adrienne
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