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Issue 2,  Volume 63, 2018 (Applications of Mathematics)

107-110 Prof. Miloslav Feistauer seventy-fifth birthday celebration.  Dolejší, Vít; Knobloch, Petr
111-124 Model of shell metal mould heating in the automotive industry.  Mlýnek, Jaroslav; Knobloch, Roman
125-147 A free boundary problem for a predator-prey model with nonlinear prey-taxis.  Yousefnezhad, Mohsen; Mohammadi, Seyyed Abbas; Bozorgnia, Farid
149-165 Inverse scattering via nonlinear integral equations method for a sound-soft crack with phaseless data.  Gao, Peng; Dong, Heping; Ma, Fuming
167-193 On generalized conditional cumulative past inaccuracy measure.  Ghosh, Amit; Kundu, Chanchal
195-216 Reconstruction algorithms for an inverse medium problem.  Liu, Ji-Chuan
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