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Issue 2,  Volume 143, 2018 (Mathematica Bohemica)

113-122 On some local spectral theory and bounded local resolvent of operator matrices.  Tajmouati, Abdelaziz; El Bakkali, Abdeslam; Karmouni, Mohammed
123-134 Centered weighted composition operators via measure theory.  Jabbarzadeh, Mohammad Reza; Jafari Bakhshkandi, Mehri
135-160 Itô-Henstock integral and Itô's formula for the operator-valued stochastic process.  Labendia, Mhelmar A.; Teng, Timothy Robin Y.; de Lara-Tuprio, Elvira P.
161-171 Strong endomorphism kernel property for monounary algebras.  Halušková, Emília
173-188 Approximation properties for modified $(p,q)$-Bernstein-Durrmeyer operators.  Mursaleen, Mohammad; Alabied, Ahmed A. H.
189-200 Existence and multiplicity of solutions for a fractional $p$-Laplacian problem of Kirchhoff type via Krasnoselskii's genus.  Benhamida, Ghania; Moussaoui, Toufik
201-212 Some equivalent metrics for bounded normal operators.  Jabbarzadeh, Mohammad Reza; Hajipouri, Rana
213-224 An entire function sharing a polynomial with its linear differential polynomial.  Kaish, Imrul; Rahaman, Md. Majibur
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