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Issue 4,  Volume 143, 2018 (Mathematica Bohemica)

337-338 Editorial.  Medková, Dagmar; Rákosník, Jiří; Vejchodský, Tomáš
339-354 Maximum modulus in a bidisc of analytic functions of bounded ${\bf L}$-index and an analogue of Hayman's theorem.  Bandura, Andriy; Petrechko, Nataliia; Skaskiv, Oleh
355-376 On non-oscillation on semi-axis of solutions of second order deviating differential equations.  Labovskiy, Sergey; Alves, Manuel
377-389 Boundedness and square integrability of solutions of certain third-order differential equations.  Beldjerd, Djamila; Remili, Moussadek
391-407 Annihilator-preserving congruence relations in distributive nearlattices.  Calomino, Ismael; Celani, Sergio
409-417 Norm estimates for Bessel-Riesz operators on generalized Morrey spaces.  Idris, Mochammad; Gunawan, Hendra; Eridani, A.
419-430 Abstract Korovkin type theorems on modular spaces by $\mathscr {A}$-summability.  Taş, Emre
431-439 The symmetry reduction of variational integrals, complement.  Chrastinová, Veronika; Tryhuk, Václav
441-448 Subsets of nonempty joint spectrum in topological algebras.  Wawrzyńczyk, Antoni
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