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Issue 3,  Volume 143, 2018 (Mathematica Bohemica)

225-249 Entropy solutions to parabolic equations in Musielak framework involving non coercivity term in divergence form.  Elemine Vall, Mohamed Saad Bouh; Ahmed, Ahmed; Touzani, Abdelfattah; Benkirane, Abdelmoujib
251-275 Further investigation “On an open problem of Zhang and Xu”.  Majumder, Sujoy
277-289 A note on some results of Li and Li.  Majumder, Sujoy; Saha, Somnath
291-328 The symmetry reduction of variational integrals.  Tryhuk, Václav; Chrastinová, Veronika
329-335 Norm continuity of pointwise quasi-continuous mappings.  Mirmostafaee, Alireza Kamel
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