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homogeneous space; Finsler space; Killing vector field; homogeneous geodesic
In the recent paper [Yan, Z.: Existence of homogeneous geodesics on homogeneous Finsler spaces of odd dimension, Monatsh. Math. 182,1, 165–171 (2017)], it was claimed that any homogeneous Finsler space of odd dimension admits a homogeneous geodesic through any point. However, the proof contains a serious gap. The situation is a bit delicate, because the statement is correct. In the present paper, the incorrect part in this proof is indicated. Further, it is shown that homogeneous geodesics in homogeneous Finsler spaces can be studied by another method developed in earlier works by the author for homogeneous affine manifolds. This method is adapted for Finsler geometry and the statement is proved correctly.
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