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Issue 6,  Volume 63, 2018 (Applications of Mathematics)

601-602 Editorial.  Chleboun, Jan
603-628 Parallel solution of elasticity problems using overlapping aggregations.  Kohut, Roman
629-641 Improved convergence estimate for a multiply polynomially smoothed two-level method with an aggressive coarsening.  Tezaur, Radek; Vaněk, Petr
643-664 Numerical solution of the pressing devices shape optimization problem in the glass industry.  Salač, Petr
665-686 A comparison of deterministic and Bayesian inverse with application in micromechanics.  Blaheta, Radim; Béreš, Michal; Domesová, Simona; Pan, Pengzhi
687-712 Application of Calderón's inverse problem in civil engineering.  Havelka, Jan; Sýkora, Jan
713-737 Polynomial chaos in evaluating failure probability: A comparative study.  Janouchová, Eliška; Sýkora, Jan; Kučerová, Anna
739-764 Space-time discontinuous Galerkin method for the solution of fluid-structure interaction.  Balázsová, Monika; Feistauer, Miloslav; Horáček, Jaromír; Hadrava, Martin; Kosík, Adam
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