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Issue 1,  Volume 55, 2019 (Kybernetika)

1-11 Bayesian stopping rule in discrete parameter space with multiple local maxima.  Kárný, Miroslav
12-23 A bound for the rank-one transient of inhomogeneous matrix products in special case.  Kennedy-Cochran-Patrick, Arthur; Sergeev, Sergeĭ; Berežný, Štefan
24-43 On the distributivity equation for uni-nullnorms.  Wang, Ya-Ming; Liu, Hua-Wen
44-62 Towards the properties of fuzzy multiplication for fuzzy numbers.  Bica, Alexandru Mihai; Fechete, Dorina; Fechete, Ioan
63-80 A bi-average tree solution for probabilistic communication situations with fuzzy coalition.  Li, Xianghui; Sun, Hao; Hou, Dongshuang
81-113 A perturbation approach to approximate value iteration for average cost Markov decision processes with Borel spaces and bounded costs.  Vega-Amaya, Óscar; López-Borbón, Joaquín
114-133 First passage risk probability optimality for continuous time Markov decision processes.  Huo, Haifeng; Wen, Xian
134-151 $H_\infty $ sliding mode control for Markov jump systems with interval time-varying delays and general transition probabilities.  Li, Lingchun; Zhang, Guangming; Ou, Meiying; Wang, Yujie
152-165 Nash {\Large $\epsilon $}-equilibria for stochastic games with total reward functions: an approach through Markov decision processes.  González-Padilla, Francisco J.; Montes-de-Oca, Raúl
166-182 Time-varying Markov decision processes with state-action-dependent discount factors and unbounded costs.  Escobedo-Trujillo, Beatris A.; Higuera-Chan, Carmen G.
183-202 A nonmonotone line search for the LBFGS method in parabolic optimal control problems.  Solaymani Fard, Omid; Sarani, Farhad; Hashemi Borzabadi, Akbar; Nosratipour, Hadi
203-215 Synchronization of fractional chaotic complex networks with delays.  Hu, Jian-Bing; Wei, Hua; Feng, Ye-Feng; Yang, Xiao-Bo
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