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Issue 3,  Volume 55, 2019 (Kybernetika)

435-454 A generalized bivariate lifetime distribution based on parallel-series structures.  Mohtashami-Borzadaran, Vahideh; Amini, Mohammad; Ahmadi, Jafar
455-471 Robust hierarchical sliding mode control with state-dependent switching gain for stabilization of rotary inverted pendulum.  Idrees, Muhammad; Muhammad, Shah; Ullah, Saif
472-494 Extensions of fuzzy connectives on ACDL.  Liu, Hui; Zhao, Bin
495-517 Solutions of semi-Markov control models with recursive discount rates and approximation by $\epsilon$-optimal policies.  H. García, Yofre; González-Hernández, Juan
518-530 Some notes on U-partial order.  Kesicioğlu, M. Nesibe; Ertuğrul, Ü.; Karaçal, F.
531-539 A note on resolving the inconsistency of one-sided max-plus linear equations.  Li, Pingke
540-560 PID and filtered PID control design with application to a positional servo drive.  Bélai, Igor; Huba, Mikuláš; Burn, Kevin; Cox, Chris
561-585 A family of hyperbolic-type control schemes for robot manipulators.  Reyes-Cortes, Fernando; Felix-Beltran, Olga; Cid-Monjaraz, Jaime; Alonso-Aruffo, Gweni
586-603 Disturbance observer based integral terminal sliding mode control for permanent magnet synchronous motor system.  Wang, Junxiao; Wang, Fengxiang; Wang, Xianbo; Yu, Li
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