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$(\delta ,2)$-primary ideal; $2$-prime ideal; $\delta $-primary ideal
Let $R$ be a commutative ring with nonzero identity, let $\mathcal {I(R)}$ be the set of all ideals of $R$ and $\delta \colon \mathcal {I(R)}\rightarrow \mathcal {I(R)}$ an expansion of ideals of $R$ defined by $I\mapsto \delta (I)$. We introduce the concept of $(\delta ,2)$-primary ideals in commutative rings. A proper ideal $I$ of $R$ is called a $(\delta ,2)$-primary ideal if whenever $a,b\in R$ and $ab\in I$, then $a^{2}\in I$ or $b^{2}\in \delta (I)$. Our purpose is to extend the concept of $2$-ideals to $(\delta ,2)$-primary ideals of commutative rings. Then we investigate the basic properties of $(\delta ,2)$-primary ideals and also discuss the relations among $(\delta ,2)$-primary, $\delta $-primary and $2$-prime ideals.
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