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Issue 1,  Volume 57, 2021 (Kybernetika)

1-14 Bi-personal stochastic transient Markov games with stopping times and total reward criterion.  Martínez-Cortés, Victor Manuel
15-37 A depth-based modification of the k-nearest neighbour method.  Vencálek, Ondřej; Hlubinka, Daniel
38-45 A note on the convergence rate in regularized stochastic programming.  Gordienko, Evgueni; Gryazin, Yury
46-59 Caristi's fixed point theorem in probabilistic metric spaces.  Fathi Vajargah, Kianoush; Mottaghi Golshan, Hamid; Arjomand Far, Abbas
60-77 Multi-agent solver for non-negative matrix factorization based on optimization.  Tu, Zhipeng; Li, Weijian
78-101 A tracking controller design with preview action for a class of nonlinear Lur'e systems with time-varying delays and external disturbances.  Yu, Xiao; Liao, Fucheng
102-117 Robust observer-based finite-time $H_{\infty }$ control designs for discrete nonlinear systems with time-varying delay.  Dong, Yali; Wang, Huimin; Deng, Mengxiao
118-140 Output feedback {$H_\infty $} control of networked control systems based on two channel event-triggered mechanisms.  Shen, Yanjun; Li, Zhenguo; Yu, Gang
141-159 Stability of perturbed delay homogeneous systems depending on a parameter.  Ben Rzig, Ines; Kharrat, Thouraya
160-173 Observer-based adaptive sliding mode fault-tolerant control for the underactuated space robot with joint actuator gain faults.  Lei, Ronghua; Chen, Li
174-192 Exponential stability of nonlinear systems with event-triggered schemes and its application.  Li, Zhang; Yu, Gang; Shen, Yanjun
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