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Issue 5,  Volume 66, 2021 (Applications of Mathematics)

657-672 Existence results and iterative method for fully third order nonlinear integral boundary value problems.  Dang, Quang A; Dang, Quang Long
673-699 Unified error analysis of discontinuous Galerkin methods for parabolic obstacle problem.  Majumder, Papri
701-724 A general homogenization result of spectral problem for linearized elasticity in perforated domains.  Ait Yahia, Mohamed Mourad Lhannafi; Haddadou, Hamid
725-744 An instantaneous semi-Lagrangian approach for boundary control of a melting problem.  Mezzan, Youness; Tber, Moulay Hicham
745-765 A new energy conservative scheme for regularized long wave equation.  Luo, Yuesheng; Xing, Ruixue; Li, Xiaole
767-788 On lower bounds for the variance of functions of random variables.  Goodarzi, Faranak; Amini, Mohammad; Mohtashami Borzadaran, Gholam Reza
789-812 On the stabilization of laminated beams with delay.  Mpungu, Kassimu; A. Apalara, Tijani; Muminov, Mukhiddin
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