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Issue 3,  Volume 57, 2021 (Kybernetika)

383-403 Properties of unique information.  Rauh, Johannes; Schünemann, Maik; Jost, Jürgen
404-425 Compositions of ternary relations.  Bakri, Norelhouda; Zedam, Lemnaouar; De Baets, Bernard
426-445 A continuous mapping theorem for the argmin-set functional with applications to convex stochastic processes.  Ferger, Dietmar
446-473 An algorithm for hybrid regularizers based image restoration with Poisson noise.  Pham, Cong Thang; Tran, Thi Thu Thao
474-492 Markov stopping games with an absorbing state and total reward criterion.  Cavazos-Cadena, Rolando; Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, Luis; Sánchez-Guillermo, Dulce María
493-512 Partially observable queueing systems with controlled service rates under a discounted optimality criterion.  García, Yofre H.; Diaz-Infante, Saul; Minjárez-Sosa, J. Adolfo
513-533 Event-triggered $H_\infty $ static output feedback control of discrete time piecewise-affine systems.  Xue, Zhuyun; Shen, Mouquan
534-545 Finite-time topological identification of complex network with time delay and stochastic disturbance.  Qian, Yufeng
546-566 Neural network optimal control for nonlinear system based on zero-sum differential game.  Xingjian, Fu; Zizheng, Li
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