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Presentation Creation; Presentation Template; Beamer Class
In this article, the authors share their knowledge, notes and experience with the Beamer presentation class. The article includes installation notes and the first steps in Beamer, the pause command, <+->, + and - options, generating a title page and a table of contents. It also explains how to change the design of a presentation by setting \use*theme{value} and \setbeamer*{element {value}. In the conclusion of the article, the authors recommend BeamerGuide and a few internet resources for further reading. The Beamer template of the authors is published independently on their website and on the CSTUG server.
[2] Stránky o LaTeXovém projektu Beamer.
[3] Československé sdružení uživatelů TeXu. Stránky Československého sdružení uživatelu TEXu.
[4] Stránky České statistické společnosti. Stránky České statistické společnosti.
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