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Presentation Examples; PDFSlide; PDFScreen; Beamer; METAPOST; PDFPages; Individual Title Pages
In the first part, the article presents a simple presentation created in PDFSlide and PDFScreen packages and in the Beamer class. In the second part, the article discusses the Beamer class in a real-world presentation in more detail. It starts with the creation of METAPOST graphics. After that it comments on some settings of the Beamer design, generating a title page and a section table of contents. Next follows an example of \alert and \convertMPtoPDF commands. The generated output is a PDF file. This file is converted for printing purposes using a pdfpages package. At the conclusion of the article a preparation of individually named title pages are prepared with printed materials which are to be given to the members of the committee, e.g. before a theses defense at a university.
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