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typesetting; processual grammar; pre-format; multi-output; sazba; typografie; postupová gramatika; předformát; vícenásobný výstup
Academic publishing today faces a reality in which providing multiple formats-generally HTML and PDF-is becoming a necessity. The production of multiple outputs involves a workflow of generative typesetting. Generative typesetting involves many constraints that resulting from edge cases between formats which must be accounted for. Against the backdrop of theory in the field of new media, a new approach towards generative typesetting is proposed. A separation of translation from effect, akin to the division of style and content in HTML/CSS, can effect a transmutable translation layer in which syntax, effect, and even a preformat's reserved characters can be defined in configuration files. This transmutability is desirable because every generative typesetting workflow faces particular specificities which should be addressable without the introduction of "glue."
Článek přináší několik myšlenek a úvah na návrh gramatiky pro předformát u vícenásobného výstupu z jednoho zdrojového kódu.
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