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Issue 2-4,  Volume 21, 2011 (Zpravodaj Československého sdružení uživatelů TeXu)

Zpravodaj Československého sdružení uživatelů TeXu

69-69 Preface.  Kula, Ján; Stříž, Pavel
70-77 Selected Abstracts from TeXperience.  editorial board, CSTUG
78-83 Abstracts without Papers.  editorial board, CSTUG
84-90 Mobile TeX: Porting TeX to the iPad.  Reutenauer, Arthur
91-101 Playing with Flash in ConTeXt-mkiv.  Scarso, Luigi
102-115 MicroTalk – pdfsplit.  Scarso, Luigi
116-126 Experiences Typesetting OpenType Math with LuaLaTeX and XeLaTeX.  Vieth, Ulrik
127-133 LuaTeX 0.60.  Hoekwater, Taco; Henkel, Hartmut
134-139 LuaTeX 0.63 Short Reference.  Hoekwater, Taco
140-146 Subtext: A Proposed Processual Grammar for a Multi-Output Pre-Format.  Haltiwanger, John
147-156 Arranging Pages.  Egger, Willi
157-165 Guide TeX It: Uneasy Beginnings of Typesetters from the Perspective of Non-Typesetters.  Sarga, Libor
166-169 Typesetting of Tables and Lists and Other New Features in TeXonWeb.  Přichystal, Jan
170-180 ConTeXt for 'Zines.  Eyre, Timothy
182-300 MkIV Hybrid Technology.  Hagen, Hans
301-308 Marking Proof-sheets in Publishing Practice and Its Implementation in the TeX System.  Hála, Tomáš
309-332 Fonts with Complex OpenType Tables.  Píška, Karel
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