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Hardly any TeX user makes use of TeX in its "native" form as presented by the initex and virtex programs. Instead, a particular format-macro package, prepared by someone in order to make his or her work easier, is made use of. Nowadays there are two such formats which are mainly used in the Czech Republic: plain TeX and LaTeX. In the near future one more format could join them: ConTeXt. And not only join but maybe even displace LaTeX from its dominant position. In order to make it happen the author wishes to get you acquainted with ConTEXt in this contribution.
[1] Hagen, Hans: ConTeXt the manual. MR 1456756
[2] Hagen, Hans: METAFUN.
[3] Automatic tables.
[4] Fields, Widgets, References.
[5] PPCHTeX examples.
[6] Flowcharts.
[7] Tabulation.
[8] Hagen, Hans: Tabulating in ConTeXt: text flow tables. MAPS 22/1999, s. 153-161.
[9] Otten, Ton: PPCHTeX: a macropackage for typesetting chemical structure formulas with TeX - release 2. MAPS 20/1998, s. 149-209.
[10] XML in ConTeXt.
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[12] Hagen, Hans: Pretty printing TeX, METAPOST, Perl and JavaScript. MAPS 20/1998, s. 286-289
[13] Hagen, Hans: The Calculator Demo: Integrating TeX, METAPOST, JavaScript and PDF. MAPS 20/1998, s. 290-296
[14] Hagen, Hans: The NTG MAPS bibliography from SGML to TeX to PDF. MAPS 23/1999, s. 32-47.
[15] Hagen, Hans: TeX as presentation tool: an introduction to the ConTeXt presentation environment. MAPS 23/1999, s. 84-89.
[16] Hagen, Hans: Typesetting Flow Charts: lets TeX and METAPOST do the job. MAPS 23/1999, s. 90-102.
[17] Hagen, Hans: Puzzling graphics in METAPOST.
[18] Beyond the bounds of paper but within the bounds of screens: The perfect match of TeX and Acrobat.
[19] Acrobat Forms JavaScript Object Specification.
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