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Issue 6,  Volume 58, 2022 (Kybernetika)

843-862 An efficient hp spectral collocation method for nonsmooth optimal control problems.  Hedayati, Mehrnoosh; Ahsani Tehrani, Hojjat; Fakharzadeh Jahromi, Alireza; Noori Skandari, Mohammad Hadi; Baleanu, Dumitru
863-882 A principal topology obtained from uninorms.  Karaçal, Funda; Köroğlu, Tuncay
883-902 Improved inference for the generalized Pareto distribution under linear, power and exponential normalization.  Mohareb Khaled, Osama; Mohamed Barakat, Haroon; Khalil Rakha, Nourhan
903-959 Almost log-optimal trading strategies for small transaction costs in model with stochastic coefficients.  Dostál, Petr
960-983 Partially observable Markov decision processes with partially observable random discount factors.  Martinez-Garcia, E. Everardo; Minjárez-Sosa, J. Adolfo; Vega-Amaya, Oscar
984-995 On asymmetric distributions of copula related random variables which includes the skew-normal ones.  Sheikhi, Ayyub; Arad, Fereshteh; Mesiar, Radko
996-1015 $L$-fuzzy ideal degrees in effect algebras.  Wei, Xiaowei; Shi, Fu-Gui
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