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Issue 1,  Volume 59, 2023 (Archivum Mathematicum)

Proceedings of Equadiff 15. Section 1: Ordinary differential equations

1-2 Foreword to proceedings of Equadiff 15.  
3-10 Topological entropy and differential equations.  Andres, Jan; Ludvík, Pavel
11-19 General exact solvability conditions for the initial value problems for linear fractional functional differential equations.  Dilna, Natalia
21-29 Systems of differential equations modeling non-Markov processes.  Dzhalladova, Irada; Růžičková, Miroslava
31-38 Stationary solutions of semilinear Schrödinger equations with trapping potentials in supercritical dimensions.  Ficek, Filip
39-45 A note on the oscillation problems for differential equations with $p(t)$-Laplacian.  Fujimoto, Kōdai
47-68 Maxwell’s equations revisited – mental imagery and mathematical symbols.  Geyer, Matthias; Hausmann, Jan; Kitzing, Konrad; Senkyr, Madlyn; Siegmund, Stefan
69-76 Stable periodic solutions in scalar periodic differential delay equations.  Ivanov, Anatoli; Shelyag, Sergiy
77-84 Delay-dependent stability conditions for fundamental characteristic functions.  Matsunaga, Hideaki
85-97 Approximation of limit cycle of differential systems with variable coefficients.  Onitsuka, Masakazu
99-107 Nonlocal semilinear second-order differential inclusions in abstract spaces without compactness.  Pavlačková, Martina; Taddei, Valentina
109-116 Around certain critical cases in stability studies in hydraulic engineering.  Rasvan, Vladimir
117-123 Unique solvability of fractional functional differential equation on the basis of Vallée-Poussin theorem.  Srivastava, Satyam Narayan; Domoshnitsky, Alexander; Padhi, Seshadev; Raichik, Vladimir
125-131 Riccati matrix differential equation and the discrete order preserving property.  Štoudková Růžičková, Viera
133-140 Equivalence of ill-posed dynamical systems.  Suda, Tomoharu
141-149 Solutions of an advance-delay differential equation and their asymptotic behaviour.  Vážanová, Gabriela
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