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Issue 3,  Volume 68, 2023 (Applications of Mathematics)

255-257 Eight decades of Professor Karel Segeth.  Brandts, Jan; Křížek, Michal
259-268 Tight bounds for the dihedral angle sums of a pyramid.  Korotov, Sergey; Lund, Lars Fredrik; Vatne, Jon Eivind
269-287 Solving intuitionistic fuzzy multi-objective linear programming problem and its application in supply chain management.  Hassanpour, Hassan; Hosseinzadeh, Elham; Moodi, Mahsa
289-304 Hermitian-Toeplitz determinants and some coefficient functionals for the starlike functions.  Kumar, Deepak; Kumar, Virendra; Das, Laxminarayan
305-327 Finite time stability and relative controllability of second order linear differential systems with pure delay.  Li, Mengmeng; Fečkan, Michal; Wang, JinRong
329-356 Global attractors for a tropical climate model.  Han, Pigong; Lei, Keke; Liu, Chenggang; Wang, Xuewen
357-376 Non-linear Chandrasekhar-Bénard convection\\ in temperature-dependent variable viscosity Boussinesq-Stokes suspension fluid with variable heat source/sink.  Kavitha, Nagasundar; Aruna, Agrahara Sanjeevmurthy; Basavaraj, MKoppalu Shankarappa; Ramachandramurthy, Venkatesh
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