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two-subnetwork zero-sum game; distributed accelerated algorithm; Nash equilibrium learning; nonsmooth function; continuous-time algorithm
This paper proposes a distributed accelerated first-order continuous-time algorithm for $O({1}/{t^2})$ convergence to Nash equilibria in a class of two-subnetwork zero-sum games with bilinear couplings. First-order methods, which only use subgradients of functions, are frequently used in distributed/parallel algorithms for solving large-scale and big-data problems due to their simple structures. However, in the worst cases, first-order methods for two-subnetwork zero-sum games often have an asymptotic or $O(1/t)$ convergence. In contrast to existing time-invariant first-order methods, this paper designs a distributed accelerated algorithm by combining saddle-point dynamics and time-varying derivative feedback techniques. If the parameters of the proposed algorithm are suitable, the algorithm owns $O(1/t^2)$ convergence in terms of the duality gap function without any uniform or strong convexity requirement. Numerical simulations show the efficacy of the algorithm.
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