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Mathematics throughout the ages

Contributions from the summer school and seminars on the history of mathematics and from the 10th and 11th Novembertagung on the history and philosophy of mathematics, Holbaek, Denmark, October 28-31, 1999, and Brno, the Czech Republic, November 2-5, 2000

Series No.: 17 (Dějiny matematiky)
Contributor: Fuchs, Eduard (editor)
Language: English
Issued by: Research Centre for the History of Sciences and Humanities
Publisher: Prometheus
Place: Praha, 2001
Printer: GRAFEX Blansko
ISBN: 80-7196-219-8
MR1872935 | Zbl 0976.00021
MSC: 01-06

Table of Contents

[1]-[2] [Titulní stránky]
3-4 Obsah
5-5 Předmluva
6-20 Squaring the circle in XVI - XVIII centuries. Więsław, Witold
21-36 Old algebraical treatises. Więsław, Witold
37-50 On a small Comenius’ work “Geometry and geodesy”. Mačák, Karel
51-66 Geometry in Poland in XV - XVIII centuries. Więsław, Witold
67-91 Bolzano's inheritance research in Bohemia. Hykšová, Magdalena
92-100 Otakar Borůvka and French mathematics. Fuchs, Eduard
101-121 Mathematics at Polish universities (Cracow and Vilnius) in the XVIII century. Więsław, Witold
122-130 Life and work of Prof. Miloš Kössler. Drábková, Pavla
131-146 Stetigkeit und Unstetigkeit in der Geometrie. Klotzek, Benno
147-147 10th Novembertagung on the History and Philosophy of Mathematics (28. - 31. 10. 1999)
148-148 List of participants
149-149 Foreword
150-168 Connections between history and philosophy of mathematics. Informed frameworks, spontaneous philosophy,and philosophical challenges to mathematics. Kjaergaard, Peter C.
169-177 Some remarks on Hilbert's axiomatic method and the unity of science. Sauer, Tilman
178-185 Transformation and continuity of mathematics in the 1820s. Sørensen, Henrik Kragh
186-195 Change in progress: Notation and algorithms. Durnová, Helena
196-201 “Vielleicht für menschliche Kräfte unausführbar.” A mathematical proof of a Danish astronomer?. Gropp, Harald
202-208 Abstracts
209-209 11th Novembertagung on the History and Philosophy of Mathematics (2. - 5. 11. 2000)
210-210 List of participants
211-211 Foreword
212-213 Letter to 11th Novembertagung participants
214-220 Beginnings of the calculus - the first published books. Więsław, Witold
221-231 Mathematische und Physikalische Literatur des 18. Jahrhunderts für Gebildete - Weibliche - Laien. Böttcher, Frauke
232-237 Überlegungen zum Raumbegriff bei H. Poincaré und F. Riesz. Rodríguez, Laura
238-243 The development of notation in graph theory in different languages. Gropp, Harald
244-249 Mathematicians on cryptology. Stachovcová, Lada
250-257 Lattice theory - its birth and life. Bilová, Štěpánka
258-286 Life and work of Karel Rychlík. Hykšová, Magdalena
287-295 The metaphor of tool and foundation of mathematics. Krömer, Ralf
296-305 The first Czech textbooks on the differential geometry. Čechová, Lenka
306-307 Abstracts
[308]-[310] [Závěrečné stránky]
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