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Proceedings of Equadiff 11
International Conference on Differential Equations. Czecho-Slovak series, Bratislava, July 25-29, 2005
[Part 2] Minisymposia and contributed talks

Editors: Fila, Marek; Handlovičová, A.; Mikula, K.; Medveď, Milan; Quittner, Pavol; Ševčovič, Daniel
Organized by: Comenius University
Venue: Bratislava, 2005

Publisher: Comenius University Press, Bratislava, 2007
ISBN: 978-80-227-2624-5
Series: Presented in electronic form on the Internet

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Table of Contents

Title page.  
I-III Contents.  
1-7 Blow up versus global boundedness of solutions of reaction diffusion equations with nonlinear boundary conditions.  Arrieta, Jose M.; Rodriguez-Bernal, Anibal
9-16 Nonlinear oscillations of completely resonant wave equations.  Berti, Massimiliano
17-26 On ab-initio computations for phase change problems in solids.  Blesgen, Thomas
27-37 Stochastic Swift-Hohenberg equation near a change of stability.  Blömker, Dirk; Hairer, Martin; Pavliotis, Grigorios A.
39-47 Diffpack technical summary.  Böhm, Peter
49-55 Numerical modeling of the simultaneous heat and moisture transfer.  Dalík, Josef; Svoboda, Jiří
57-66 Properties of eigenfunctions of non-local operators.  Davidson, F. A.; Dodds, N.
67-76 Uniqueness/nonuniqueness for nonnegative solutions of a class of second-order parabolic equations.  Engländer, J.; Pinsky, R. G.
77-85 The Helmholtz decomposition in arbitrary unbounded domains - a theory beyond.  Farwig, Reinhard; Kozono, Hideo; Sohr, Hermann
87-95 Higher order method for the numerical solution of the compressible Euler equations.  Feistauer, Miloslav; Kučera, Václav
97-104 Finite time singularities in transport equations with nonlocal velocities and fluxes.  Córdoba, Antonio; Córdoba, Diego; Fontelos, Marco A.
105-114 Hyperbolic equations and systems with discontinuous coefficients or source terms.  Gallouët, T.
115-121 Carathéodory solutions to quasi-linear hyperbolic systems of partial differential equations with state dependent delays.  Gołaszewska, Agata; Turo, Jan
123-133 On existence and Schauder regularity of solutions to a class of generalized stationary Stokes problems.  Huy, Nguyen Duc; Stará, Jana
135-140 On a blow-up estimate for a higher order semilinear parabolic equation.  Chaves, Manuela
141-147 Invariant manifolds and almost automorphic solutions of second-order monotone equations.  Cheban, David; Mammana, Christiana
149-155 Strict $\varphi$ disconjugacy of $n$-th order linear differential equations with delays.  Jaroš, František
157-164 Robin type conditions arising from concentrated potentials.  Arrieta, José M.; Jimenéz-Casas, Ángela; Rodriguez-Bernal, Anibal
165-169 Interior regularity for weak solutions of nonlinear second order elliptic systems.  Daněček, Josef; John, Oldřich; Stará, Jana
171-180 Asymptotic properties of a two-dimensional differential system with delay.  Kalas, Josef
181-187 A limiting case of the uncertainty principle.  Krbec, Miroslav; Schmeisser, Hans-Jürgen
189-196 Asymptotic equivalence of systems of difference equations.  Kuben, Jaromír
197-200 Some existence result to elliptic equations with semilinear coefficients.  Kuo, Tsang-Hai
201-211 Numerical approximation of singular boundary value problems for a nonlinear differential equation.  Lima, Pedro; Morgado, Luisa
213-222 Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian method for compressible plasma simulations.  Liska, Richard; Kuchařík, Milan
223-228 On spatial decay estimates for derivatives of vorticities of the two dimensional Navier-Stokes flow.  Maekawa, Yasunori
229-236 On the existence of Hopf bifurcation in an open economy model.  Makovínyiová, Katarína; Zimka, Rudolf
237-244 On constructing a solution of a boundary value problem for functional differential equations.  Maňásek, Lukáš
245-257 Boundary value problems for strongly nonlinear second order differential inclusions.  Matzakos, Nikolaos M.
259-263 On a micro-macro system arising in diffusion-reaction problems in porous media.  Meier, Sebastian A.; Böhm, Michael
265-272 Derivation of the drift diffusion Shockley-Read-Hall model for semiconductors.  Miljanović, Vera
273-282 Existence and location result for the bending of a single elastic beam.  Minhós, F.; Gyulov, T.; Santos, A. I.
283-291 Systems for phase transitions with hysteresis effect.  Minchev, Emil
293-301 On third order advanced nonlinear differential equations.  Mojsej, Ivan; Ohriska, Ján
303-310 The beam operator and the Fučík spectrum.  Nečesal, Petr
311-319 Existence and asymptotics for selfdual periodic vortices of topological-type.  Macrí, Marta; Nolasco, Margherita
321-331 Computational study of the Willmore flow on graphs.  Oberhuber, Tomáš
333-342 Multiple solutions of nonlinear boundary value problems for equations with critical points.  Ogorodnikova, Svetlana
343-352 A mathematical aspect for Liesegang phenomena.  Ohnishi, Isamu; Mimura, Masayasu
353-362 Oscillation and nonoscillation criteria for retarded functional differential equations.  Pedro, Ana
363-367 Numerical blow-up for the $p$-Laplacian equation with a nonlinear source.  Ferreira, Raúl; de Pablo, Arturo; Pérez-Llanos, Mayte
369-376 Scalings in homogenisation of reaction, diffusion and interfacial exchange in a two-phase medium.  Peter, Malte A.; Böhm, Michael
377-384 Asymptotic analysis of a nonlinear partial differential equation in a semicylinder.  Rand, Peter
385-394 New Rosenbrock methods of order 3 for PDAEs of index 2.  Rang, Joachim; Angermann, Lutz
395-404 Convergence in evolutionary variational inequalities with hysteresis nonlinearities.  Reitmann, Volker
405-414 Dissipative dynamics of reaction diffusion equations in $\mathbb R^n$.  Arrieta, Jose M.; Moya, Nancy; Rodriguez-Bernal, Anibal
415-425 Analytic solutions for the classical two-phase Stefan problem.  Prüss, Jan; Saal, Jürgen; Simonett, Gieri
427-435 Semilinear problems perturbed through the boundary condition.  García-Melián, Jorge; Rossi, Julio D.; de Lis, José Sabina
437-446 On the Nehari solutions.  Gritsans, Armands; Sadyrbaev, Felix Zh.
447-456 Remarks on the incompressible Navier-Stokes flows for linearly growing initial data.  Sawada, Okihiro
457-460 Eigenvalue questions on some quasilinear elliptic problems.  Poulou, M. N.; Stavrakakis, N. M.
461-466 On some Klein-Gordon-Schrödinger type systems.  Stavrakakis, Nikolaos M.
467-473 FLENS - a flexible library for efficient numerical solutions.  Lehn, Michael; Stippler, Alexander; Urban, Karsten
475-484 Positive solutions of $p$-type retarded functional linear differential equations.  Svoboda, Zdeněk
485-490 On a nonlinear nonlocal ODE and its applications.  Tello, J. Ignacio
491-497 Saddle point theorem and Fredholm alternative.  Tomiczek, Petr
499-506 Support re-splitting phenomena caused by an interaction between diffusion and absorption.  Tomoeda, Kenji
507-517 Mathematical theory for the Ginzburg-Landau approximation in semilinear pattern forming systems with time-periodic forcing applied to electro-convection in nematic liquid crystals.  Uecker, Hannes; Breindl, Norbert; Schneider, Guido
519-530 On a numerical model of phase transformation in substitutional alloys.  Vala, Jiří
531-539 Extremal equilibria for parabolic non-linear reaction-diffusion equations.  Rodriguez-Bernal, Anibal; Vidal-López, Alejandro
541-549 Optimal Lyapunov inequalities and applications to nonlinear problems.  Cañada, A.; Montero, J. A.; Villegas, S.
551-557 A remark on Morrey type regularity for nonlinear elliptic systems of second order.  Daněček, Josef; Viszus, Eugen
559-566 On a ground state and two symmetric ground state solutions in a domain.  Wang, Hwai-Chiuan
567-575 Connections between spatial decay of initial data and time asymptotics in a supercritical parabolic equation.  Winkler, Michael
577-587 Multiple solutions of nonlinear boundary value problems by the quasilinearization process.  Yermachenko, Inara
589-598 Oscillation criteria for half-linear partial differential equations via Picone's identity.  Yoshida, Norio
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