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Abstracta. 8th Winter School on Abstract Analysis

Editor: Frolík, Z.
Organized by: Charles University (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics)
Venue: Moravská Bouda, Krkonoše, 1980

Publisher: Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Praha, 1980

Table of Contents

1 Foreword.  Frolík, Zdeněk
2-3 [List of] participants.  
4-6 Participants.  
7-9 Addresses.  
10-11 List of talks [Section of analysis].  
12-13 List of talks [Section of topology].  
14-15 On a Michael's conjecture concerning the Lindelöf property in the Cartesian products.  Alater, K.
16-25 Disjoint refinement and related topics.  Balcar, B.; Simon, P.; Vojtáš, P.
26-28 Measures representable as $p$-dimensional Hausdorff measures.  Brandt, C.; Feiste, U.; Hasse, H.
29-31 Approximation theoretical properties of M-ideals (Abstract).  Behrends, Ehrhard
32-34 A short proof of Parovičenko's theorem.  Błaszczyk, A.; Szymański, A.
35-38 Some non-normal subspaces of the Čech-Stone compactification of a discrete space.  Błaszczyk, A.; Szymański, A.
39-41 A Krein-Milman set without the integral representation property.  Thomas, E. G. F.
42-43 On generalizations of Lešnev's theorem.  Chaber, J.
44-56 Instantons.  Corrigan, E.; Goddard, P.
57 The Fréchet space $\omega $ admits a strictly stronger separable and quasicomplete locally convex topology.  Dierolf, Susanne
58-63 Skorohod embedding in Brownian motion in $R^n$.  Falkner, Neil
64-67 Hausdorff measures in Minkowskian geometry.  Feiste, U.
68-72 Epireflective subcategories of convergence spaces.  Frič, R.; Hušek, M.
73-78 Non-separable analytic spaces and measurability.  Frolík, Z.; Holický, P.
79-81 Ramsey-type theorems.  Gavalec, Martin; Vojtáš, Peter
82-85 On minimal points with respect to a set in Banach spaces.  Godini, G.
86-89 Realizing homomorphisms of category algebras.  Graf, Siegfried
90-93 A universal convex set in Euclidean space.  Grząślewicz, Ryszard
94-95 On universal null and universally measurable sets, II.  Grzegorek, E.
96-103 On the charge distribution of static axial and mirror symmetric monopole systems.  Houston, P.; O'Raifeartaigh, L.
104-107 The use of mixed norms: Two examples.  Johnson, G. W.
108-109 Lie derivatives and natural operators.  Kolář, Ivan
110-112 Operators generating p-stable measures on Banach spaces.  Linde, Werner
113-116 Extreme extensions of positive operators, II.  Lipecki, Z.
117-120 The Kantorovič-Rubinstein distance.  Navrátil, J.
121-123 Dual Ramsey type theorems.  Rödl, V.; Nešetřil, J.
130-133 Weak-join of matriods.  Poljak, S.; Turzík, D.
128-129 On embedding of curves into two-dimensional polyhedra.  Olędzki, J.; Spiež, S.
134-137 Birkhoff variety theorem for finite algebras.  Reiterman, Jan
138-142 Does $2^X$ exist for a proper class X?.  Rosický, J.
143-150 A result of J. Bourgain: $C(L^1)$ has the Dunford-Pettis property.  Schachermayer, Walter
151-154 The complex probability theory as a basis of quantum theory.  Souček, J.
155-157 Quaternion quantum theory as a description of tachyons and the symmetry breaking.  Souček, J.
158-160 On some problems in $\beta N$.  Souček, J.
203-206 A note concerning the "Feynman integrability" of sets of trajectories.  Zahradník, M.
161-167 Time-space duality and Salam-Weinberg model.  Souček, J.; Souček, V.
173-176 The uniform bounded approximation property with respect to the Haar basis.  Tomaszewski, B.
168-172 Towards the subquantum theory.  Souček, J.; Souček, V.
177-179 Uniformly continuous selections.  Vilímovský, J.
180-193 Remarks on dimensions of graphs.  Vinárek, Jiří
194-198 A simple example concerning the global Markov Property of lattice random fields.  von Weizsäcker, Heinrich
199-202 Open relations.  Wilhelm, M.
207-208 On metric projections and distance functions in Banach spaces.  Zajíček, L.
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